Atlas of Omoth



“A solis ortu usque ad occasum.” / “From sunrise to sunset.”

CapitalDeeth ExportsPetroleum, Coal, Aluminium, Iron Ore, Gold
DemonymHargraves BirdVulture
FlowerPrickly Pear Flower TreeMesquite Tree
Notable CitiesIbex, Leadfield, Tombstone, Carbon Town, Broken Hills, Cactus Springs, Coaldale, Gold Point, Mule Lick, Rawhide, Iron Bend
Aesthetic Unbroken desert. High heat and endless sun; the howling empty and rolling dunes. Cholla flats and red clay; the tracks of wild horses grazing on low brush. Canyons wide and valleys deep, cactus and burning skies. Bleached bone left exposed and rust; ghost towns. Dusty expanses, ancient plateaus, tumbleweeds. Ruins of those that came before. Rattlesnakes, armadillos, and scorpions. Highways that stretch on without end.


“Crescit eundo.” / “It grows as it goes.”

CapitalPrilwig ExportsWheat, Soybeans, Corn, Machinery, Meat
DemonymIneshites BirdSparrow
FlowerSunflower TreeFlowering Dogwood
Notable CitiesBreslau, Meridian, Pleasant Valley, Omadi, Summerfield, Scott’s Valley, Bosler, Kane, Linwood, Sage, Packard, Burdock
Aesthetic Way out there. Endless prairie, sweeping plains, and verdant pasture. Fenced fields, farmland; wide open spaces. Soft brushlands giving way to cross creeks. Cool, deep lakes. Small town feels and good hearts, gentle people. Cattle drives, rustic living. Hometown feel. Strawberry picking, tilled soil, grain silo simplicity. Screen porches and rocking chairs. Dusty country roads. The good life; “nothing bad happens here.”


“A mari usque ad mare.” / “From sea to sea.”

CapitalSabattus ExportsPetroleum, Wood, Pharmaceuticals, Polymer
DemonymOstanians BirdCommon Crow
FlowerViolet TreeAspen Tree
Notable CitiesWharfsmouth, Newit, Dunpeth, Standish, Askwith, Lapidum, Skipnish, Catamount, Lobelia, Meyers Mill, Dunbarton, Cape Mary
Aesthetic Trees towering high. Heavy autumn cometh; fall stretching long. Deserted beaches. Aging lighthouses and wharfs; piers out on the water. The sea gradually rolling in, high tide. Rain and clouds weighed with rain. Storms off the ocean at sunset. Cool, crisp weather. Whispers in the leaves. Small towns appearing out of the mist; ever the winding roads. Widow’s walks. Haunted shipwrecks. Tight-lipped secrets.


“Dirigo!” / “I lead!”

CapitalHowe ExportsSeafood, Fish, Nuts, Cocoa, Fruit, Coffee
DemonymPinellas BirdBirds of Paradise
FlowerHibiscus TreePalm Tree
Notable CitiesHowe, Halstead Sugar Mill, Leswa, Moke, Kalawao, Leigh, Ligonia Village, Halawa, Kilkenny, Ca Ira Cove, Pearl, Harthe, Ula'ree.
Aesthetic Tropical paradise. Crystal clear waters; sugar sand beaches. High, warming sun. Vast, sparkling sea. Cool breeze off the water. Daylight comes early, heavens shine down. Relaxation cometh. Fun-under-the-sun. Suntans, surfing, tiki bars, beach glass; quick summer storms blowing over. Secluded coves, towering palms, seashells washed in the surf. Blessed folk, no-strangers. Bonfires, gatherings, flowers.


“Ab antiquo.” / “From the ancient.”

CapitalYost ExportsButanes, Hydrocarbons, Ethanol, Petroleum
DemonymYonans BirdGray Jay
FlowerRose TreeBlack Spruce
Notable CitiesTaipax, Yost, Fortymile, Pine Point, Ocrye, Tungsten, Tavani, Antler Creek, Blackburn, Greenwood, Red Gap, Tashme, Keremeos.
Aesthetic The mountain watches. High peaks; thick forests. Snowfall abounds. Long-forgotten stone castles disappearing into mist. Night drives. Short days, close constellations. Solitary, secluded, quiet. Wild and untouched, waterfalls. Winding paths through the trees. The trees do not know you. Birdsong and elk calls. Long roads to nowhere. Evergreens and white; monochromatic. Local lore and legends.
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