A sim game is, at its most basic definition, a simulation game, made to take on the characteristics of that which it is simulating. Whinny is a horse sim game, meaning the focus of our simulation is on owning, showing, breeding, and training horses, as well as managing a stable! This is done through forums, automated solutions, and member organization.

There is more than one way to play Whinny! You can join and enjoy the game as it is, or you can partake in our RPG-inspired “game within a game”. Story Mode is something anyone can opt in and out of at anytime, without repercussions. In Story Mode, you develop and explore your characters, horses, locations, and stables. More info is found on our forum, visible only to members.





  • Permits restrict the number of active horses you own.
  • Permits should be respected, and those that find themselves with more horses in their care than their permit allows are subject to being fined.
  • Each time your permit upgrades, you get 5 new tokens!
MembershipPermitHorse LimitTokens
0 daysHobbyist105
30 daysEnthusiast255
150 daysConnoisseur1005
365 daysProfessional5





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